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AAF-BR’s Media & Creative Services Auction is the city’s only fundraiser solely focused on media and advertising industry-related services. Each year, this auction connects businesses and non-profits with the local advertising community to acquire professional media products and services at a fraction of the normal cost, while creating new business and collaboration opportunities. 

This year, we know that the effects of COVID-19 are being felt everyhwere in every business. It is our hope that the connections made through the media auction can help donors and bidders to begin to forge a path to recovery. 


The auction is also a critical event for AAF-Baton Rouge to raise money to support our student scholarship program, student conference, student competition, community service, professional development and additional national efforts. As we look ahead to the future and recovery, AAF-Baton Rouge is more dedicate than ever to our mission of connecting, serving and developing advertising professionals and our local advertising community. 

If you would like to attend as a bidder or receive more information, contact us at

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